Burnout pt 1 By Ronan Hughes

Well it's been a long time hasn't it. Nearly one whole year. This year I fell in love had my heart broken and made some horrific choices for my future, and it all started back in August. High school admissions were months away so naturally I was enrolled in a class for the specialized high school placement test. In New York you can have the choice between going to a regular high school that screens your grades and a specialized high school which accepts you only on the quality of the test. I sacrificed half my summer and the weekends leading up to the test in October and when the time finally came I left the doors of the testing facility feeling brighter than ever. After the test came the high school essays and interviews. As time went on I found myself wanting to go to the Beacon high school a shiny new building with writing in mind. The months following the high school placement left me to socializing with the other people at my school and eventually I thought someone liked me. I guess I was immature at the time only wanting to date someone for the popularity but along the way I found myself caring for this person. As time went on I found out this person did not share feelings for me so I moped for a good month. Everything seemed shitty and meaningless and as more and more time passed the only thing that pushed me forward was the prospect of going to Beacon. This opportunity was my guiding star ripping me from the downward spiral the only thing that mattered. It was my life

in New York, NY, United States


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