A trip to Urban Outfitters By Ronan Hughes

I do not want to be seen in an urban outfitters I really don't. For some reason everyone in my school regards people who go there as ****. I don't really understand the people at my schools backwards ass logic but back to the story. I was waiting in line and trying to show as much urgency as possible. In my hands were 5 packets of reasonably priced astronaut ice cream. The line seemed to take forever but at last there were just two more people left a mom and her son.

The mom had a dress in her hands and some skin care medication and was about to pay the cashier when her 10 year old son spotted a sega genesis. I knew this shit would happen when I saw the little bastards face.

What followed after this was a 10 minute long screaming fit about why he needed the genesis. The mom to my amazement after the long grueling battle stood there for a few seconds and slapped her son right across the face. There was about a five second long pause of silence after the sound of hand to face concluded.

Tears began welling at the little shits eyes and I knew the battle had been won. The mom then strolled out confidently with her head held high and her now bitch of a son waddling behind her.

in Manhattan, New York, NY, United States


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