Whats going on in your Business - Do you know By Ron Hailes

I walked in to a clothes shop that caters for older, more mature guys today and the two shop assistants were bopping along to some mind boggling loud rap coming out of the roof mounted system.

Every customer in the shop was 40+ and we all had the same problem, the music was doing our heads in. Now the owner of this shop who doesn't work Saturdays is on the wrong side of 60, so this music wasn't his choice in any way.

In fact I know this because the owner is a big fan of the radio station I work for and we play Classic Hits, far more suited to this business and normally on in the shop.

This is clearly a case of when the cats away the mice play RAP. The owner will blow his top when he finds out, which is about now, as I know he reads my stories here. So as I write the phone is being dialled and about now the station changed.

Of course the moral of this story is make sure you know what's going on in your business or you won't have a business. I walked out of that shop today, I will come back another, more peaceful day but others might not.

I always know what's going on in my business - do you in yours?

in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


I am a sometimes writer, stand up comic ,MC and Radio Presenter- these are my passions but I normally travel throughout SE Asia training sales and management staff in the Auto Industry

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