Things I don't get...a bit RIskaaaay By Ron Hailes

In a few short weeks I will turn 58 and every day the world changes at such an amazing pace I really have trouble understanding modern things. Firstly what's sexting all about ,why not just meet up and get to know each other, if you are "sexting" and you push the send button before you finish, is that considered foreplay or premature ejaculation!

What about "selfies " what's that all about, kids are even taking selfies at funerals. Where will it end, pregnant women swallowing a camera and we get womb selfies. When I was a teenager a selfie was something you did in your room with a Playboy Magazine or if you were on a budget a National Geo nicked from the school library.

And what about newspapers, I don't even get one if them anymore, comes on the bloody iPad. So what do fish and chips get wrapped in and heaven forbid, if you get stuck in the outhouse with no paper, what APP do you use for that.

I am off to invent the Arsewipeapp.

in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


I am a sometimes writer, stand up comic ,MC and Radio Presenter- these are my passions but I normally travel throughout SE Asia training sales and management staff in the Auto Industry

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