The Rolling Stones - February 17 1973 By Ron Hailes

Some days in your life you never forget. I will never forget my Wedding, the birth of my two daughters and the death of my father Bill and brother, Brian, 7 weeks apart.

When the Rolling Stones came to Melbourne in 1973 another unforgettable day was about to happen. It started some months earlier when I lined up for hours to buy 3 tickets for $18.00. Yes, $6 each. I bought one for myself, one for my best mate Graham Kennedy and the third one was for the date I was sure to get if I had a Stones ticket. My date turned out to be a new girl who moved to the city from the country whose name I can't remember. We arrived at Kooyong on a hot February day in my dad's lime green Charger and I was wearing matching lime green flares very cool in 73. Entering the stadium was mind boggling, the stage was totally white and looked amazing. Madder Lake were the support, what a tough gig for them. No one except their Mum's were there to see them.

The moment arrived, the opening notes of Brown Sugar and Miss "I am very shy from the country" stood on her seat and never sat down until the final notes of "Street Fighting Man" faded away with Mick throwing rose petals from the stage. The shy girl and I never dated again so I blew that $6 but it's a day I will never forget. I have seen the Rolling Stones 3 times since but nothing has even came close to this day. One final memory is the big black man on the stage who was "security" he just sat there with his huge hand tapping away to the music.

in Kooyong Tennis Centre, Kooyong, Victoria, Australia


I am a sometimes writer, stand up comic and MC - these are my passions but In the real world I travel throughout SE Asia training sales and management staff in the Auto Industry

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