Thank You Fathers both real and surrogate By Ron Hailes

Of course we all have a father, but not all fathers are the fathers they should be. Luckily for some there is often someone who steps in and takes this role. I have seen mothers become better fathers than the real "long gone " father could have ever been. Older brothers, sisters ,friends uncles , aunts are always stepping up.

On Fathers Day 2014 let's thank all those people.

I am one of the lucky ones I had a great Dad and have two amazing Daughters who are a credit to their mum.

I think of my own dad most days in some little way , he was a true Aussie character, lots of sayings and stories. We had a working class background but myself and my 3 older brothers never went without. A little unknown fact is my Dad could actually sing in a 'Slim Dusty way' I often heard him when he thought no one could hear. Many will tell you I did not inherit this. He fought for his country and worked hard but sadly passed away at 71.

My own Daughters, Coby and Annelie have been amazing, talented, considerate and occasionally messy - maybe more than occasionally for Coby. We have lots of fun in our household and like most families you go through tough times. We had our share of this when Cancer had the cheek to visit our house. Without our girls, Monica would not have come through this dark time.

So Fathers everywhere be the best you can and enjoy this day. I got the perfect present - a vacuum cleaner that does all the work for you. The cats aren't that keen though.

in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


I am a sometimes writer, stand up comic and MC - these are my passions but In the real world I travel throughout SE Asia training sales and management staff in the Auto Industry

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