My Right Foot By Richie Nemo Goodacre

In April of last year I underwent surgery to straighten out my right foot as it looked like it was almost at an 180 degree angle sometimes. I noticed this when I would make the transition from bed to wheelchair and vice versa and thought, "Well it does make me more unique than others but I better get that seen too". Plus it was getting to the point where I couldn't keep a shoe on. It was like my foot wanted me to conform to bogan but the rest of me just wasn't ready to make that kind of commitment.

Anyway, long story short I elected to have surgery where basically they would put a metal rod in my foot to straighten it out. I know I'm a tad homophobic but what can you do really? The healing process started off pretty standard and was certainly helped in the hospital by the fact the nurse was "fucking hot". I actually said this too her too - I have no shame. If by chance you're reading this random nurse lady, I'd be more than happy for you to nurse me back to health next time I have the dreaded Man flu.

I had to go back twice more to the hospital after that as it became infected. The third time I went in there was after being told "I'd heal up in a few weeks". Love that doctor but she has a very laid back approach that can be a negative I'm wondering how she communicates with other patients. "It appears you have a brain tumor so I'm gonna prescribe you two Panadol Max and you should be okay by next Monday".

On the mend now though I should be on my feet in no time.. oh

in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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