The Dream Roll By Richard Colman

Welcome to the 1st instalment of the Dream Roll.

I am Richard Colman current World and Paralympic Champion in the 800m.

During my regular instalments of the Dream Roll I will be sharing some of my life experiences, stories and things I have learnt along the way. I will be sharing with you what is currently happening in my life and some crazy stories from my travels and challenges around the world in my wheelchair.

The Dream Roll is not just about my sporting results, but will be about travelling to various destinations I’m competing in and exploring these wonderful places in a wheelchair, with hopefully not too many challenging times.

I will try and make the blog as informative as possible about what it’s like being an elite athlete travelling the world in a wheelchair and I hope it helps other people in their own search to achieve their dream, whatever that may be. Over the coming instalments of the Dream Roll I will give you a little bit more detail on who I am, what I have done and what I dream to do.

So enjoy and look out for the next instalment coming soon.

in Australia


World and Paralympic Champion Wheelchair track athlete. Lover of all sport and traveling to new and wonderful countries. Mentor of new and developing athletes. Searching the world for the dream roll.

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