Tubguy (Part II) By Ray Mangina


My tired mind didn't even think about picking up the lost turd and dropping it in the toilet, no, I was going to have to force this brick down the drain manually....

I was surprised by how different it felt from what I imagined. It broke apart and mushed together into a shit pancake and water started filling the tub. I dropped to my knees and without thinking (as to not psych myself out) I started forcing it little by little down the drain with my fingers. This was gross, one of the grosser things I've done in my life, but I had a mission to complete, no backing out now. I soldiered forth and after 3 or 4 excruciating minutes it was done and time to clean my hands. I soaped the shit out of them, scratching the bar of soap to get it under my finger nails, rinsing and repeating but the stench wasn't going away. It was at that point I realized I was standing in a bathroom full of mist, shit mist. Everything was going to smell like shit; me, the bathroom, my clothes, and there was no waiting this one out. I turned the faucet off, jumped out of the tub, dried off, and threw clothes on as quickly as I could. I walked out of that bathroom embarrassed for myself. I would never be the same.

Oh, P.S. My fingers smelt like shit for like 2 days.


Just awful.

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