How Mutual Fund Software Secures Clients Portfolio? By REDVision Tech

As the distributors need to manage the portfolio of the multiple investors, maintaining security of each investor is must for the MFDs in order to maintain transparency and retaining the trust of the investors. In such situation distributor need to opt platform that provides security to the portfolio of the clients which is possible through digital platform that prevents client’s portfolio.

The Mutual Fund Software developed by REDVision Technologies is most secured platform for managing wealth of the clients that prevents data leakage and cyber theft. The platform focuses on delivering best services to the clients of the distributors.


Password protected portfolio ensuring wealth security. Access to clients having login credentials. Easy to manage multiple investors profile. Get instant access from any place. Multiple features to deliver services.

The distributors in lack of having digital platform face multiple issues in dealing with investors and providing services. In order to overcome the same its mandate to have the assistance of the digital platform that makes the work easier.

The distributors who have already adapted the solution are finding it easy to provide services to the investors and maintaining smooth relation with the clients for a long term.

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