Lady Gaga: A Star Is Born Movie [Analysis] By Petri Maatta

I was sitting in the airplane and couldn’t sleep so I turned on the box and watched Lady Gaga's movie “A Star is born”...

It got me thinking about how we feel entitled to things by using the law of attraction...

entitled to things by using the law of attraction

The thinking behind this is, what is the least I can do, and the most I can get out of it.

I'll get back to that in a moment... but first. Lady Gaga's Story

Lady Gaga spent all her life dreaming about success with her Dad...

Talking about it
Writing songs and...
Doing free performances on a weekly basis for years, a decade perhaps...

In fact...

She was completely engaged into what she loved to do...

I want to sing!

Lady Gaga A Star Is Born Movie Analysis One Evening A Strange “Coincidence” Occurred

Then by a “coincidence”, one evening while performing for FREE, things started to shift.

Opportunity came and miracles started to happen...

That's when A Star was born.

In law of attraction terms, that's when her dream became manifest. Not An Overnight “Success” Story

She became a super star with all the benefits that come with that.

The most common comment about success is: “You’re so lucky”

But nobody counts the years of free service of a persons previous actions.


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