Sometimes You Just Can't Quit By Pete Rosky

I once worked for a call centre at a bank. Prior to that, I was a student, who made money doing juggling shows and teaching students how to juggle. I had been working in the call centre for about 3 months when my juggling partner called me up and offered me 2 weeks ‘work’ in Hawaii. Of course, I said yes. As I had already taken 2 weeks off a month earlier, and hadn't earned any holiday time, I realised I would have to find a new job. I spoke with my girlfriends friend, who managed a rival bank and she agreed to hire me, but I would have to take a $1 an hour pay cut. The next day I handed my boss my 2 weeks notice. She called me into her office, and asked why. I told her I secured a job at another bank that I thought would be better for my career prospects. She told me she didn’t want me to quit, that they were getting ready to offer me a promotion. She asked how much more I was getting at the new job. As I had nothing to lose, I said $1.50 an hour more. She left, went to her boss, came back and offered me a matching raise and a promtion. I said that’s all great, but I have arranged for 2 weeks in Hawaii. She said hang on, went to see the big boss again, and came back with the offer of a raise, a promotion, and 2 weeks paid holidays (which I hadn’t earned yet). To sum it up, I tried to quit, to take a lesser paying job, and wound up with a raise a promotion, and 2 weeks paid holiday in Hawaii.

in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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