Bad Massage By Pete Rosky

Have you ever had a bad massage? Not one that didn't have a happy ending, but one where the masseuse didn't have any skills. I had one today. I know I'm not a handsome, young man, but it felt like the person applying the oil to my body was repulsed at the thought of touching someone of my age and body shape. It felt like she would rather be anywhere else, doing anything else than to have to massage me. She asked if the pressure was alright, and I said she could press harder on my lower back and hamstrings and to concentrate there. I don't think she listened, as she barely touched those areas, and instead spent time working on my neck and shoulders. I think this may have been because these areas have less body fat than the areas I needed work on. I know this is a first world problem, but, hell, if you're going to get paid to give a massage, at least listen to the client, don't act repulsed, and take a course, so you know what the hell you are doing. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I wasted $60, didn't get any muscular relief, and now know how people with leprosy felt during the dark ages.

in Australia


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