Travel to the Inner City By Pam Damon

There he was again at 6am crawling on his belly along the ground to the backyard toilet, naked apart from woman’s pink dressing gown. His slow unsteady progress extending his arms and pulling himself along indicated that he had had too much to drink for too long a time. We were staying at a B&B in the inner city for a few days and this was the sight that greeted us each day.

He and his partner often stayed up all night drinking, playing loud music, singing and arguing They tended to lose all sense of time and so day became night, night became day with everything else in between. Today’s sight was just one of many sighting in the days we had been next door although the colour of the dressing gowns changed.

Outside toilets had disappeared almost 40 years earlier – this person appeared to have the outside toilet in existence. Maybe he hadn’t realized that time had moved on?

Apart from his partner in partying, his other constant companion was a very motley looking cockatoo called Monty without any breast feathers which roamed freely around the neighbourhood picking the fillers out of roofs and windows, unpegging clothing from clotheslines and screeching very loudly from daylight to dark.

Time to go back home and yet somehow those early morning visions and the naked parrot will be missed.

in Australia


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