A Dreadful Affliction By Pam Damon

I have an affliction. In some circles it is considered a disability. Nowhere near as serious as being in a wheelchair, or blind, or deaf or intellectually disabled though. It seems that I have a hole in a certain part of my brain, somewhere where the synapses do not meet correctly.

It hasn't been all bad and it has taken me to many places - some interesting and some not. In my explorations, I have driven unknown highways and byways, explored many a fire trail in parts of our wonderful country. It has, over many years, lead to tears, to arguments, to overflowing frustrations, to serious thoughts of murder and divorce.

It does prevent my participating fully in life, as I unable to enter orienteering events or those wonderful around Australia rallies, or 'bashes' as they are called. I have always thought what great fun they would be however they do require navigation and location skills.

People say 'just buy a GPS'. What a great idea. That would lead me exactly where I want to go. Oops, not quite. It tells me too late to get into the correct lane - whoops, missed the turn off again. It leads me to dead ends or strange roads that are not even on paper maps. I do find the GPS soothing though and its voice very calming while I am randomly driving around and carrying out a series of U-turns. After a lifetime, there seems no hope of a cure.

in Australia


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