Most Unromantic Lady By Michelle Janssen

I’ve been seeing a guy for a little while now, and I noticed that I’m one for ‘realistic’ rather than ‘romantic' scenarios. The other day I would have spent two hours imagining what our break up lunch would be like. Like, not a whole two hours in one sitting, I’m not crazy- but across the day, as a running total, yes around two hours. I imagined what I would wear, where I was living, what I would eat (medium rare steak with mushroom sauce) and whether I would be seeing someone. Then I thought, “Ugh, crazy. Of course you would at least be pretending to see someone, just incase he was. Idiot!” People have started saying I’m unromantic, and this has started to make me think…maybe…I’m unromantic. I was telling the boyfriend (casual drop in there) about my imagined break up scenarios and I went on to say in a half-serious, half joking way, “Your next girlfriend is going to be so lucky after all the time and effort I’ve put into you…” Then I think he was trying to be nice, and he said, “Well, that’s crazy because I know I wouldn’t have the same love I have with you…” And I said back, “Well, no, no one would compare to me, but it would be a different kind of love. An inferior one”. (Humour and realism blended together there). For some reason, as ‘into’ someone as I can be, and as much as I want it work, there is always a creeping thought, “But, you know, you’re too young to have found someone forever so it probably won’t work out”. Does anyone else struggle with the romance?


In her 20s, Michelle is a modern woman walking confidently about town, casually using her fly buys rewards card to feel like a true grown up. Her goal is to be a combination of Oprah &Tina Fey.

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