The secret to landing a job... By Michael Connell

On my way to a job interview I caught the train into the city. Of course, the second I got off the train it started bucketing rain.

Covering my head with an old newspaper I dashed from the station to the office. Unfortunately, it was a long walk and by the time I got to the office I was soaked through.

Luckily there were other candidates before me so I had a few minutes to tidy up. I straightened my tie, used the newspaper to clean my shoes, and shook off my jacket.

The interview did not go well. The interview seemed really distracted. I thought I was acing all his questions, but he kept giving me this weird look. “Well, um… thanks for coming in…” he said absently.

I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

Walking back to the train I caught my reflection in a window. Suddenly it all made sense.

When I ran to the office, the rain had made ink from the paper smudge off onto my face.

There, right across my forehead, in bold, backwards letters, was the headline; “Saddam Executed!”

I learnt an important lesson that day: While it might help you stand out from the pack, a backwards political face tattoo probably won't land you the job.

in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Michael is a comedian, writer, motivational speaker and harmonica player. His thoughtful and all inclusive comedy has won praise from critics and makes him constantly in demand as an entertainer.

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