What if ....... By Melinda Marengo

Recently I had this great trip to America, which was REALLY AWESOME …… except for one moment where I was kind of crapping myself. I was standing on the platform, in the New York underground Subway, when I noticed a very tall African American guy holding a guitar case with something concealed in it. I was trying not to look at him, but at the same time I was thinking ‘What if it’s a gun? Are we all about to be shot?!’ So of all the people on the platform to chat to, he decides to come and chat to ME. ‘Oh great’ I’m thinking ‘I’m gonna be shot for sure now’. He starts with the usual small talk, but then he asks if I am married, and I panic. I feel that if say yes, it might upset him, and therefore if it is a gun in the case, I’ll be shot for sure. But then, if I say I’m not married, well then that’s a lie. ‘jeepers, just answer him Mel. Say SOMETHING, at least’. So I say “Yeah, I’m married. Been married for 11 years now.” …. He seems okay with that answer. Good, no sign of being shot ….. yet. We continue with the small talk for a bit, and then after a few minutes he says “Oh by the way, in case you’re wondering, I’m hiding a beer in this guitar case, because it’s illegal to drink alcohol on the Subway.” Oh my goodness, let me tell you that NEVER, in my ENTIRE LIFE have I been SO GLAD to see someone DRINKING!!! What if it really had been a gun though? I mean, it’s entirely possible. You hear about it all the time. Anyway, it wasn't and I'm okay. Thank God!

in New York, NY, United States


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