Crunchie Girl. By Melinda Marengo

I got called 'Crunchie' a little while ago. See, hubby and I were driving along (hubby was driving) and it was winter, and I saw the weirdest rain I had ever seen in my life; like it was coming straight at the windscreen. It was so strange!! And then when we got to our destination, someone asked me if had seen the snow on the way up, and I said "No, but I saw the weirdest rain I have ever seen in my life!!" and he said "That was SNOW, Melinda!"

Unfortunately though, my embarrassment doesn't end there, because when I got out of the car, I then said, out loud, that the 'ice' in the ground was the weirdest ice I had ever seen, it was so soft and so white . . . . and again, someone said "MEL, IT'S CALLED SNOW!! S-N-O-W, SNOW, it happens sometimes in winter, you know!!"

And that is how I got called a crunchie - blonde on the inside! Obviously I don't see snow often enough to know what the hell it is! Hate it when I embarrass myself out loud like that, you know, like in public and everything!


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