Online Advertising By Mark Daniels

When I first started getting adverts online that were tailored to me, I thought, great, this will stop me getting ads for things like bras and protein powder (I'm a skinny man). However, I've recently realised that I would far rather have random adverts. If I have been on the Topman website and looked at something, but then decided not to buy it, probably because it's ridiculously overpriced and I have no money, I don't need it floating in the top corner of my screen, when I am minding my own business (or, indeed, checking out someone else's business on Facebook).

If I look at a T shirt in Topman, don't buy it, and then go and meet a friend for dinner, I don't expect a Topman employee to follow me to the restaurant wafting said T shirt in my face, do I? I want bra adverts back!


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