German Caps By Mark Daniels

I sat next to a German lady on a flight home from Vienna, who wanted to talk to me the whole way, which was just what I needed on a hangover. She was with her niece. As we were coming in for landing, she asked the flight attendant "We would like another caps." The attendant looked confused, before the German lady shook her plastic cup at her. She brought back an extra cup each for her and her niece, when the German lady looked at me and smiled, "He too will take another cap." I was very confused. No explanation, I just have a stranger grinning at me as if I should thank her for ordering me an extra free plastic cup. I'm so British I did thank her anyway.

I wondered what these extra cups were for, but really wished I'd never found out. They were to stop your ears popping, which was a nifty little trick - all you have to do to stop a minute of ear discomfort is have 10 minutes of of arm discomfort holding the caps over your ears, suffer quite a bit of embarrassment and people staring at you, plus spend the whole descent grinning at a German lady who you can't speak to as neither of you can hear, looking a bit like a plastic Princess Leah. Wunderbar.

in Vienna, Austria


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