And the entire office stood up, their fist on their heart... By Marine Rabier

I had found that job in an agency and after a couple of months was starting to get along quite well with my colleagues, until after the jubilee weekend...

All of us were having a discussion about the Queen Jubilee, and coming from France, a very "Proud/Republican" country, it was hard for me to understand the fervour of English people for someone who didn't chose to be queen and who they didn't chose either. Out of all the respect I owe to Elizabeth II as a human being, at one point in the debate, I though that it would be a good idea to illustrate how awkward it was for me to curtsy and said out loud with the most naive intention of the world what they all understood as "Your Royal Anus" instead of Your Royal Highness obviously... Silence in the office... And within 2 seconds they were all standing up giving me the most astonished look I've ever seen in my life... Seeing me so confused made them forgive me straight away, and burst into laughter.

And that is when they started to record my Pearls in a quote book. So far this one is still winning though!

in London, United Kingdom


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