The Good Samaritan was driving along a country road when she spotted the two Rottweilers bounding along. It was dangerous and illegal for dogs to be running free without their owners around. She got out of the car. They snarled in a very threatening manner.

She got back into the car and tried herding them on to the footpath. One of them headed down a driveway. Ah! They knew the way home. She got out of the car, unbolted the heavy gate to the back yard and the two of them bounded in.

She rebolted the gate, and with a virtuous heart knocked on the front door. A lady opened it.

Did she own Rottweilers?

Yes, she had two, so the Good Samaritan explained she had just returned them. There were mutual exchanges of gratitude and modest no problems and the Good Samaritan left.

She noticed as she got back into her car that two Rottweilers were snarling at her through the front window. She also noticed an extra Rottweiler was snarling at her through the bars of the heavy gate to the back yard.

Feeling it was unnecessary to further complicate her life she drove off.


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