A traveller's tale By Margaret Pearce

Airfares had come down a lot, and air travel had become an accepted part of ordinary life. I took to overseas travel with enthusiasm, despite my inability to cope with jet lag and other disasters.

In Hong Kong the currency looked the same, but tipping is definitely unAustralian. My daughter and I had a lot of fights about tipping. I hated doing it. She hated doing it. Eventually we settled that we would take it in turns.

I was scared about patronizing the Hongkong toilets, and I hoped that the very helpful attendant wouldn’t really want to come in and help with the toilet paper.

So it was my turn to tip before fleeing. Afterwards my daughter kept up her yelling. How was I to know that what looked exactly like an Australian fifty cent piece was a Hongkong five dollar and definitely not the right amount to tip the very grateful old attendant?

in Hong Kong


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