What legacy will you leave behind By Lorraine Penn

Recently I found myself going over old photos of the family, mainly to get one that related to my first daughter when she was 18 months. Doing this made me realise how the years have flown by.

I can vividly remember where we were in the one that I chose. We were on holidays at a pretty basic apartment block in Coolangatta, Australia.

We start our lives as babies; grow into teens, attend our début at 16 and next we are getting married. I was 18 when I married my first husband. Then two years later we had our first child, a daughter, followed four years later by another daughter.

All of a sudden you are attending their first day of school, first school formal, and marriage for my first daughter, birth of her two sons.

Looking over the photos reminds me about the happy holidays, various family members weddings, and birth of their children.

Wow! You can see how much you have changed in appearance, not only looking older, but the hairstyles and colours, clothing, weight variations and different husbands, just two in total.

Is seems like the year’s have flown fast, and then you are all gathered together to celebrate your father's 90th birthday. Yes, he too has had his years fly by.

All of this is evolution and leading to new adventures, friends, taking time to reflect on why and what it is that you want in your life. What legacy will you leave behind?

in Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia


Born in Kogarah, NSW semi-retired on the North Coast where I am giving back to the community as a mentor, board director, former president of Coffs Harbour Writers Group & turning my life into a book.

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