Sydney Transport By Lorraine Penn

Recently I caught a plane to Sydney for a business related educational event. Unfortunately my flight leaving my hometown of Coffs Harbour was delayed 15 minutes due to Mascot Airport having flight allocation issues. Not a problem as I had caught the earlier flight due to the possibility of delays.

On arrival into Sydney Domestic Terminal I took the train into the city. What an experience this was in an overcrowded train with everyone immersed in their iPods, iPhones, computers, papers and books. Not a friendly face anywhere.

I managed to see there a vacant seat upstairs in the train, but it was in the middle of a three-seat chair. So I asked the lady who was the nearest to the isle; “excuse me can I get pass you?” She didn’t even look up from her book and said; “you could find another seat”. Welcome to Sydney’s commuters’!

Her huffing and puffing about the annoyance of someone sitting next to her didn’t deter me.

After leaving the train it was a bus trip downtown, another unwelcoming situation the buses are cashless and you need a prepaid ticket! What a wonderful customer friendly town;

Thankfully my education event was worthwhile, the return flight was on time and a friendly husband was waiting for me at Coffs Harbour Airport.

in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Born in Kogarah, NSW semi-retired on the North Coast where I am giving back to the community as a mentor, board director, former president of Coffs Harbour Writers Group & turning my life into a book.

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