Trip from Hell - Almost (Part III) By Liam Fleming

After over one full day of travelling it's safe to say we were not in the best mood for putting up a tent, especially when it's a 24 man one and especially when it's pitch black in the dead of night... We did not do things the easy way.

We woke in morning to participate in canoeing the river Ardeche. We will complete the river over the course of two days allowing us time to do the 'touristy' things such as caving, get the history retold and complete cliff jumps etc. Only one thing mattered though, who had the largest penis. The whole experience was a cock fight orchestrated by Leader of the Dicks. I recall my good friend accidentally gently collide with his canoe to which he said to me, "he's a fucking fat cunt". How rude. I then collide with him a mere two minutes later to which he says to my good friend, "he's a fucking skinny cunt". At least he is consistent...

Instead of a whimsical joyous experience in France we basically paid a lot of money to be with people we have little time for which had a rather negative effect to say the least on everyone else. In many ways my good friend sums the trip up in his ignorance.

Mike: "Why don't they put the tolls on the driver's side?"

Me: "They do Mike, we are driving a British car in France"

in Ardèche, Ardeche, France


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