When you gotta go.... By Leonie Radalj

Isn't it funny, everyone has a toilet story to tell whilst travelling, I unfortunately have a few. This is one of them. In a remote part of Bali we visited a tourist hub, the Banjar hot springs. Exiting, we walked the walk past the stall holders and I had a sudden urge for the loo. One stall holder called me over and as I was in urgent need, I took the opportunity to ask if I could use her loo. In I go and of course, it's a squat. This always takes some doing for me and if you don't get your foot positions right, you'll pee all over it, or worse ! One day I was balanced on a squat and I spotted a cockroach crawling up the wall....oh dear. Standing in a puddle of water, knickers hung around my neck (there was no hook), and thank god for my trusty packet of flushable wipes as there was no loo paper either.. Bucket flushed it, managed to re dress without falling over, red faced and sweaty, I exited. Nothing I wanted to buy even though I looked and looked, so bid farewell and was promply asked for a fee. Well demanded was more like it and she wasn't budging. Good grief, needing to go in a hell hole and now I have to pay to do so ! Got 2 doors up and saw a sign, "toilets" and guess what, they were western.

in Bali, Indonesia


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