Surf, sleep or hang on for dear life! By Laura Boura

I jumped in my car as time was running out to get to the doctors which wasn’t too far.

I was stopped by road works, and doctor’s car park was pretty chocca, typical. The space I found was tight with not much room to manoeuvre, so I drove forwards and back several times. A man sat in his car nearby and shouted something. I got annoyed. “Yes, yes, give me a chance, I’m trying my best!” I finally got in the parking space sighing with relief but the man shouted again. I couldn’t make out what he was saying, but it became quite clear when I saw a cat on my car!

Oh my goodness, it was a cat from our street. It must have been asleep on my car. Why the chap couldn’t get out of his car when he saw it I will never know!

I couldn’t just leave the cat there as I’d driven it out of its neighbourhood. So I threw the cat in the car, and drove home.

I then realised why the workmen at the road works had been giving me odd looks. On returning home, I checked that no-one was around before removing the cat and returning for my appointment, it would have looked a bit odd that I took someone else’s pet for a drive!

What was the cat was doing on top of the car as I drove her around? Was she holding on for her dear life, claws dug into the car? Did she just remain asleep? Or was she surfing? I’d also gone over a hump-back canal bridge which must have made for an interesting ride!

Either way, the experience couldn’t have been too traumatic for her as she moved in and adopted us as family.

in Loughborough, United Kingdom


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