The God of War Cannot Fly By Kunika Kishi

This is from God of War 3, in Hades' realm. This is from the beginning of the game where you have to fly from platform to platform, meet the archers then you move on to the next platform where you encounter 2 dogs.

No matter how many times I tried to fly from the platform to the next one, I kept on falling. I tried again, and I didn't glide and I fell. This probably happened 10 times until I gave up. At the beginning you press X twice to glide but somehow I can't master it so I asked my friend. I told her that I was having issues with God of War 3. I never said what it was though. She said she'd help me so when I went over to her house, I pointed to her where I was stuck.

She blinked at the screen. Then she stared at me. Then there was silence. I felt like an idiot. Then she asked me, “Is... Is this where you're having trouble with?” I nodded. Then she face-palmed, literally. She told me later she thought I was having trouble with beating Hades or something. Instead it was just me and my failing flying skills...

She took away the controller and showed me, voila! Problem solved.

I felt like an idiot, a tool and a fool! It was embarrassing at the time but now that that's past, I can laugh at it. I remember how well she just stared at me for the longest time because I can't fly properly but I can beat Hades on Titan mode no problem. Apparently I'm 'special' (not sure if that was a compliment or an insult at the time).

in Niagara Falls, ON, Canada


I'm a proud videogamer gal basically. I love playing role playing games to God of War-like series. Basically I'm very random at what I love and do, I'm a walking enigma if you ask me.

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