Resident Evil 3 Gave My Friends Heart Attacks By Kunika Kishi

Seventh grade. Afternoon meeting up with the guys. Play Resident Evil 3. It was my buddy's turn to take up the controller and confront Nemesis. Of course, at the time none of us knew Nemesis would show up. Playing Jill, she ran around the complex and into a building with wooden stairs. My other friend and I watched our friend play silently. Both of us were behind him leaning on the sofa. We were so engrossed with the game I think the world fell silent around us. As Jill climbed up the stairs... Nemesis jumped onto the scene through a window.

I screamed to the top of my lungs, shocked by the sudden rude intrusion. My friend dropped the controller out of fright while my other friend fell onto the floor and shook like a madman. I didn't know how loud I screamed but I think it was loud enough my sister ran from upstairs to downstairs asking if we alright. I think she expected a burglar or something. Instead, she witnessed the carnage of my friend lying half dead on the floor and the other one grabbing his heart in shock. I gently explained to my sister that it was the game that made me scream. Then I released a lame, low and inaudible laughter at the stupidity I caused.

My sister blinked, shook her head and returned to her nest of a bedroom. As for my two guy friends, it took them fifteen minutes to recover from the shock and continued playing with a straight face.

It was safe to say that they never wanted me to stand behind or beside them again in case I screamed.

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I'm a proud videogamer gal basically. I love playing role playing games to God of War-like series. Basically I'm very random at what I love and do, I'm a walking enigma if you ask me.

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