Bayonetta Boom Crash By Kunika Kishi

Bayonetta is a great game to play, that is, if you know what you're doing most of the time!

The epic fail started after I was done riding Route 666. I was faced with 3 Joys. I didn't think too much of it when I battled Joy and performed my Torture Attacks. It didn't help when I was battling and I forgot I was on a freaking highway. With that being said, I saw the first low health Joy died by getting run over by a car. So I thought, “Okay n00b, let's try to not get hit alright? Wear down the Joys enough so they can get run over and you can move on. Sounds good? Good!” Um, in theory it worked in my head... in actuality it was COMPLETELY different.

I think it was while battling the second Joy, I was a little too careless and my health was extremely low. Like, pulsing red low. So while unleashing some moves, I jumped up to avoid an incoming car then while I was about to land and... got struck by a moving truck.

Wait, what? And then it dawned on me: I just got hit by a truck. I JUST GOT HIT BY A TRUCK. Who would have thought jumping to evade Joy's attack would land me in front of a truck? I can just see it now; slow-mo in my head watching Bayonetta getting hit by the truck prompting red roses to explode from her body. Then Game Over. Wow. That was sooo... sooo... n00bish.

Until now I'm horrified to remember the extent of my epic fail. Of course it gave me a couple moments of good laughs to console my inner humiliation. Yay, me.

in Niagara Falls, ON, Canada


I'm a proud videogamer gal basically. I love playing role playing games to God of War-like series. Basically I'm very random at what I love and do, I'm a walking enigma if you ask me.

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