This Is Your Captain Speaking - Part 3 By Kathryn Woods

Part 3/3

After a while you start hearing a thumping noise that does not sound right, so you go to investigate. Reaching your hand in you find in the deep water, your GHD hair straightener you paid a fortune for only months earlier. With a few ‘oh my god’s’ and a big sigh you find the strength to simply laugh at the ongoing saga this holiday has caused and think well that must be the end of it, surely. No. You awake the next day to find you still have complaints from your lower back. Your back goes into spasm and you are faced with almost 2 weeks of recovery time from radiating, nauseating, back pain. This is the result of the poor bed at the resort. We sincerely hope you enjoy your trip however and we look forward to seeing you again next time you fly, over and out”.

in Whitsunday Island, Queensland, Australia


Ex dancer/primary school teacher, still ametuer writer, musician/graphic& interior designer, avid adventurer, human rights activist turned mother of two! Love life by the sea with my beautiful family.

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