Good ergonomics ensure a good life in the kitchen By KEO

A U-shaped kitchen that is planned so that there are short distances in everyday kitchen use. The height of the different zones is adapted perfectly for the kitchen user, for example by the fact that electrical appliances are built in at the height where they are most easily accessible and cause the least strain on the body. This increases the level of comfort and is gentle on the back.

Did you know that ideally the sink should have a higher working height than standard?

Ideally, the bottom of the sink should reach 10 to 15 cm below elbow height.

This relieves strain on the back.

The standard height of 72cm is ideal for work areas where food is prepared.

The actual activity height for cooking is the upper edge of an average pot standing on the hob. Optimally, the hull height should be approx. 25 below elbow height. This relieves the stress in the shoulders and arms and gives a more relaxed posture.

Ovens, steam ovens, dishwashers or refrigerators, even microwaves and coffee machines can be integrated at ergonomically correct heights.

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