The Karma Car By Justin Hunter

After a night on the tiles I was on the couch with my body screaming for food. Hungry Jacks was what I was craving and Hungry Jacks was what I was going to get. HJ is 200m away but I decided to drive. I arrived with no issues and ordered a Whopper, things were looking up. Soon I'd be on the couch in Hungry Jacks heaven.

As I pulled out, I looked right to see if there was any traffic. There were two 16 y.o girls walking the footpath blocking my view. I was in a daze and couldn't see the traffic so I waited for them to walk around. I thought, "How annoying is it when you have to walk around a car that is on the footpath?" I had sympathy for them, perhaps they had been drinking goon in the park and needed a Whopper too.

Anyway, once they had walked around the car, one turned and stuck their finger up at me. Who does that?! I was feeling sorry for them. What is the point? But alas there was nothing I could do. Feeling helpless, and a little sad, I pulled out onto the road and put my mind towards the Whopper. It had been raining and as I picked up speed I saw massive puddle on the side of the road that just so happened to be exactly where the girls were walking. It was too good an opportunity to pass up so I floored it, hit the puddle at speed and absolutely drenched both of them. They went bananas! Pleased with myself I went to pull into home and realised that they would see the car and me, and retaliate, so I had to drive around for a while and ended up eating in the car. Worth it.

in Richmond, Victoria, Australia


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