Challenge Accepted - Work Experience Completed By Jordyn Dowling

I was given a challenge. That challenge was to use this website and base my first story on the week work experience I had with Rebel Media. First off, I would love to say a huge thank you to the team - I had such a great time and words cannot describe how grateful I am with the hard work and effort it took for me to be there. The highlight of my experience would be the staff bonding day on Tuesday. Not only was I able to meet most staff that are based all over Queensland, but I was able to take part in their 'Amazing Race', helping my team come out in the best possible position. It was only my second day, but I sure did feel welcome. I learnt so many new things about working in radio, from sales to promotion, through to developing writing skills needed to write CSA's and Press Releases. I also learnt that a productive workplace needs to have communication, disagreements, honesty, pride and of course, enjoyment.

I definitely still have room to grow and things to learn in order to succeed, but a week of working at Rebel media sure gave me insight and a 'push in the right direction' with achieving my main career goals and ambitions.

Thanks again Rebel.Fm and The Breeze!


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