Watch out Below By Jeff Laws

When I was a teenager and was going to church, I always sat upstairs in the balcony. We (my friends and I) were sitting in the front row and the congregation was just finishing up singing a hymn and I went to close my hymnal when it slipped and fell towards me, no problem right? Wrong. I went to catch it, and in turn, it slipped under the railing and fell down to the lower level. So just as everyone stops singing and it’s very quiet, everyone hears a loud “thud”. I lean forward and look downstairs and everyone, including the pastor, is looking up at me. I did the "shrug my shoulders while mouthing, sorry" look. Then I looked directly below me to see where the hymnal landed. Had I dropped it a few feet to the left, it would have landed on a baby in a car seat/carrier. Luckily, it just landed on an empty pew seat.

in Indiana


39, father of 4, spouse of 1. Sports fan of 3. Addicted to social media, blogging and sports cards. I'm a MS Spouse and a pain in the ass husband. Love my wife & kids.

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