The only award By Jamie Hutchinson

The only award I have ever won, was voted for by the rest of the pupils in my year; my peers, my classmates, my friends.

It was at the leavers assembly - May 2007. My so called friends had voted me "2007 Tramp of the Year". It was announced by my head of year "I know he's in because I can smell him already, the 2007 Tramp of the Year - Jamie Hutchinson" I walked down the aisle with my face burning with embarrassment, holding on to the grubby sleeves of my second hand blazer trying not to trip up on my torn shoelaces as a chorus of tramp! tramp! tramp! echoed off the walls bouncing back into my pitiful face.

The kids were chanting, the teachers were laughing and I was dying. I was presented with a certificate and a can of deodorant.

in Manchester, United Kingdom


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