Daughter. By James Rankin

She would skip and dance throughout the land. She would shout, she would feel waves of joy through the wind.

Her mind would never become tainted. Never weighed down with guilt or shameful consciousness. She would be light. Nothing will interrupt her connection with the earth’s harmony.

She would face loss. Endure suffering and experience growth. Yet she would have love, strength and the wisdom of many souls to back her up.

She is the one. She is my love. She is the connection to the universe. She is sharp and full like a laser, whilst having the charm to tame a tiger.

She will run off, much further ahead. Hand in hand, playing with the other children. They will lead us forward, towards the horizon, to the bright light. I see a flash, but I can’t keep up. My legs are weary. Keep traveling my angel. Take us and show us the way. You are the one. You are my one.


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