First Time Vist To France By Jagdeo Jagdeo

When I was 20 me and 3 of my friends thought to venture out of UK and to travel to France by road, with the obvious allure of Paris.

Having been given the opportunity to get my friend's dad to lend us his brand new luxury jeep we set off all excited and geared up. This was our first holiday of this kind and that was heading out to a city we had heard so much about.

We traveled through London, all the way down to Paris, full of purpose. Past the runway for Charles de Gaulle Airport that runs over the airport and when the signs of Paris came we immediately thought of the Stade France (football stadium), the Eifell Tower and the Arc de Triumph.......well we entered and there was traffic everywhere but to our huge disappointment the area was very rough.

We just thought it must be one bad area of Paris, and being equipped with a map decided to travel further where we will see the nice parts. Well after 2 hours of driving and asking for directions we remained in a really rundown areas when we saw an Arc right infront of us. It looked exactly the same as Arc De Triumph but just looked awfully lot smaller.

All of collectively said is this it? Having decided to stay the night in the over-hyped city of Paris we decided to book into a hotel, and whilst just about to pay for the night a coach driver asked us why we were staying in this part of Paris?

As it turned out we were driving around in circles in the same part of France. We were then led to the real Arc de Triumph !! Relief


In the copmlictaed world we live in, it's good to find simple solutions.

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