Being a net hero By Jackson Clarke

Once I was on Facebook when I saw something earth shattering. It was an event invitation for a comedy debate about whether it was okay to joke about a divisive topic. The mere fact that someone had the gall to think that they could explore the complex nature of the topic through comedy outraged me to the point where I was jumping up and down on the spot. My girlfriend came and asked me what was wrong, I replied, ‘Someone is doing something I disapprove of!’ I could have left a post saying that the event was offensive and shouldn’t go ahead, but that would be too mild a reaction to such a blatant attack on the decency of mankind. So instead I demanded I have the names and contact details of everyone involved in the debate, so I could carefully tell them exactly how nasty they truly are and that if I see them in public I will hurt them. It was at that point that other decent people also started telling the people involved that they deserve to have violent things happen to them. This made me feel good. If you’re doing something that many others are also doing; it’s obviously the right thing to do. Then some mad people began sticking up for the performers and organisers of this shameful debate and saying that my (and others) “hostile behaviour” was “horrible”. So I pointed out the well known fact that it’s okay to behave badly towards somebody as long as they did wrong first, that shut them up. Then I went to bed happy I made the world a better place.

in Coburg, Victoria, Australia


Wannabe stand-up comedian from Melbourne, Australia.

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