Put Your Glasses On By Jackie Pelhon

Several years ago when my husband worked in Sarawak, E.Malaysia we used to drive to Brunei for the weekend on the one and only road that goes from Miri through the jungle into Brunei.

Before settling in to 'The Guest House' our first port of call was the supermarket to buy the necessities. i.e. bug killer,cleaning materials and hair stuff. Because of the hot and sticky drive, a shower was always needed and then a rest before getting ready for a night out!

After a while I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a cicada (a flying bug with the longest wing span ever) they also shriek very loudly and not particularly attractive. I called my husband to get the bug killer while I continued reading. After spraying which seemed to go on for a while, husband returned to the kitchen.

Suddenly I heard a thump on the floor and this huge cicada laid there with wings outstretched and this unusual odour. I called to my husband to bring me the can he used. I burst out laughing. He had used Spray Starch instead of bug killer. He still refuses to wear his glasses!

in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.


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