Meat By Howard Walker

Our four year old has had a problem with retching at bad smells since she was tiny. Really retching. Someone farts, she retches. It's hilarious.

As loving parents, we're trying our best to get her out of this, as should she still be like this when she gets further on in school, lads in particular will try and make her retch. I know I would have.

So we're encouraging her not to retch when she smells something bad. Something bad happens regularly as we have a one year old, and she creates all kinds of daily evil in her nappy. So our four year old has taken it on herself to be chief nappy sniffer if she thinks the baby has birthed a brown devil.

We have a playhouse with a tunnel they chase each other through, and the other day, they both emerged, the 4 year old following closely behind the baby. "Mummy, her nappy stinks of meat"

Wonderful wordplay, and she didn't retch. Proud moment.


Fairly average. Bit of knee trouble. Does stand up comedy in between work and sleep. Has some children.

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