Thou Will Not Pass (Part III) By Gloria Van Mosseveld

Ooh, that view is to die for! Where is my camera? I must start recording what I see so that I can write it all down when I have the time.

I grabbed my beanie and scarf, pocketed the key to my little treasure, headed down to the village for my supplies. My landlord had kindly provided tea, milk and sugar, not to mention scones. Still, I needed to stock up on my herbals and a few basics of food. Then I could come back and sink my teeth into those scones.

“Good morning” I chorused as I entered the general store. “Good morning to you ma’am. I take it that you’re Australian? What can I do for you?” the shopkeeper asked.

I laughed again, suddenly realising how happy I was to be here and how much I had laughed today. “How did you know I was Australian?” I asked. “I only said Good Morning.”

“That was what gave you away my dear. Australians are always very friendly; always greet you when they arrive. Something other cultures could learn from, I tell you true.”

“Thank you kind sir. Can I buy some herbal tea? Some bread and eggs?” “There you go, would crusty sour dough do? A dozen eggs? Peppermint, green or bedtime tea?”

“I’ll take all the tea thank you, sour dough is my favourite and yes a dozen eggs please.” I offered him a 5 pound note and asked “Is this enough?”

“That’s one for the sour dough, 2 for the eggs and 2 for the tea. Our bread is made by the missus and the eggs from our farm, so we can keep our prices down.

in Cornwall, United Kingdom


I have been writing since childhood; committing my life to writing 5 years ago. I am a School Administrative Manager and write children, fantasy and historical stories.

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