Thou Will Not Pass (Part V) By Gloria Van Mosseveld

My heart pumped in my chest, I’m sure from excitement and no doubt a little fear sprinkled in there too.

Heaving a heart-felt sigh, I stepped on to the beach. Waves hurled themselves at me; I executed some fast and fancy footwork to avoid a good soaking. Finding a higher spot where the sand was dry, I sat. I took out my notebook and wrote my thoughts thus far. Humming a little ditty I couldn’t quite put words to, I pocketed my book. Head up, glancing around, I decided to investigate the large cave at the end of the beach.

I scuffed along the sand, making boot imprints in the wet sand, musing that my feet looked large in their imprint, when in fact they are small. Tossing this whimsical thought aside, I realised I had reached the entrance. Thick knotted vines shrouded the cave opening. Sturdy green leaves entwined the knots giving it a mystical air.

As I stepped through the opening I felt an overwhelming sense of home-coming. I drew a sharp deep breath. My eyes roamed the cave. It seemed to be lit from high above which felt strange to me. I spied another stony path wending its way ever-inwards. Heading towards the same path I had walked on earlier seemed like an omen to me. Why was I feeling so whimsical? Again my heart thudded as if I was in danger. I shook my head. My hair flew about my face and I pushed it back under my beanie. I fingered the hair not tucked away, what had happened to it?

in Cornwall, Great Britain


I have been writing since childhood; committing my life to writing 5 years ago. I am a School Administrative Manager and write children, fantasy and historical stories.

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