Thou Will Not Pass (Part IV) By Gloria Van Mosseveld

“Homemade is always my favourite, I shall really enjoy my sour dough and my eggs, thank you. I’m staying in the cottage on the bluff Seas Rest. I’ll be back when I’ve used up all my supplies.” I waved a cheery goodbye, gave him a quick smile and I was on my way back to my little haven.

Kettle boiled, tea devoured and I felt well and truly settled in, munching on my homemade scones, enjoying my view, and pondering on the day ahead of me. I leapt to my feet, feeling over-energised and wanting to be on my way. I quickly tucked away the remaining scones, rinsed my cup and reached again for my beanie and scarf.

Snatching up the key, I closed the door and set off. My steps were buoyant, my smile so wide, it felt like it could crack my face open. I spied a stony path winding its way down the cliff face. Taking a deep breath, collecting my straying thoughts I stepped onto the stones. They were shining and smooth, a deep burnished brown in colour, so I planted my feet firmly to get a good grip on them Thank God I invested in good walking boots before I came, here I am on day one and needing them straight up.

I wound down and down, following the path religiously; it felt precarious underfoot as I could feel the stones slipping under my boots. I alternately took turns in watching where I placed my feet and looking out to the sea, to the caves I could now see below me.

in Cornwall, Great Britain


I have been writing since childhood; committing my life to writing 5 years ago. I am a School Administrative Manager and write children, fantasy and historical stories.

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