Thou Will Not Pass (Part II) By Gloria Van Mosseveld

Or had I made it so, when I first set eyes on it? It is made of grey stone, its lines higgledy piggledy, it sat on the cliff edge as though daring the sea to reach it. I sighed. My heart was full to overflowing, I inserted the key, the old door groaned in protest at being bothered by such as me. I laughed out loud.

Standing in the cloakroom, I looked around. The kitchen with its table set under bay windows is the perfect place to set up my laptop. I can look out the windows when I get distracted. I can take in the sea; watch the waves as they crash on the beach; trying as they must to reach the cottage.

I twirled in circles like a little girl might when she was at the show watching the high flying trapeze. A golden fleece lined the comfy armchair; a brocade mat in deep maroon partially covered the floor boards. Prosaically an oil heater sat in pride of place in the lounge. No doubt I will be grateful for the foresight of the owners who were kind enough to provide me with a little heating.

“Well, it’s a simple cottage but more than adequate for my needs. I’ll go upstairs; it should be a stunning view up there. I’ll just check out the bedrooms and the bathroom. Mmm I wonder if I’ll keep talking to myself like this, I’ve only been here five minutes and already I can see my friends’ raised eyebrows.” Ooh, that view is to die for! Where is my camera? I must start recording what I see so that I can write it all down when I have the time.

in Cornwall, Great Britain


I have been writing since childhood; committing my life to writing 5 years ago. I am a School Administrative Manager and write children, fantasy and historical stories.

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