Thou Will Not Pass (Part I) By Gloria Van Mosseveld

“Thou will not pass” are unforgettable words. Why didn’t I heed them?

I arrived in Cornwall to fulfil a dream to wander the cliffs, to seek out caves, to immerse myself in the coastal areas of Cornwall. Friends had scoffed at my gut-feeling of an urgency to go to Cornwall and live out my childhood dreams.

Arriving at Gatwick Airport, I joined the throng of “other” visitors to Great Britain. Everyone was rushing to their destinations; I too felt the need to hurry to finally get to Cornwall. I took a breath, stopped for a moment and just soaked up the reality of being so close to my goal.

I was even able to joke light-heartedly with the customs officer when he quizzed me about the time I was to spend in U.K. My prepared response was visiting friends as I didn’t think that my childhood dreams would be accepted as a valid reason for my stay. “You must have very good friends here if they let you stay for five weeks” the officer said. He laughed “Can I come with you?”

It was true that I did indeed have good friends in the U.K. It was also true that I wasn’t visiting them until the end of my personal quest.

Fortunately for me the National Express buses run regularly to Cornwall, so I was easily able to find a seat and start the next leg of my journey. Three hours later, my bucket filled with glorious landscapes, dreams to dwell in and friendly company I alighted full of hope and happiness.

My cottage on the cliff at Pevensey was the place of my dreams.

in Cornwall, United Kingdom


I have been writing since childhood; committing my life to writing 5 years ago. I am a School Administrative Manager and write children, fantasy and historical stories.

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