Steer clear of the silk worms By Gemma Gooding

If you're squeamish about poo this story is not for you ! A friend and I were competing in an Amazing Race style trip around SE Asia, a few days into the trip we found ourselves navigating our way around the markets in Phnom Penh, much to our dismay we came to a check point which involved consuming some local delicacies. I still can't get the image of some competitors chowing down on all sorts of insects and spiders. We went the easy option and took the silkworm. Bad move. To be honest it tasted alright and we managed to get it down with a gallon of water, if only I'd known what was to come!

In the afternoon we visited an orphanage which was a perspective changing experience marred by one tiny little silkworm. Anyone who knows me well knows I don't cope we'll with public toilets. A toilet in a orphanage in the middle of PP is a whole other experience! The silkworm went straight through me and whilst abruptly removing a small sweet child from my lap I hesitantly asked where the toilet was, rushed in, fumbled with the lock on the door, very dim light, wet floor, dropped my shorts and exploded into the porcelain, in my haste I neglected to check for toilet paper... NONE! I started to sweat, all that was there was a dirty bucket of water presumably to "wash" yourself with (at this point I'm in a bad way physically and emotionally), I scooted across the wet floor to the handbasin to try and clean myself up, needless to say it was a quick exit and I was absolutely mortified!

in Cambodia


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