Diving Venice By FW North

It was another beautiful day in Venice. I've always loved the amphibian city, and was returning to show some of its many hidden corners to my girlfriend. The days went by without a hitch, visiting Venice's iconic landmarks and soaking in the Italian sun.

One early afternoon, as we idled by a canal outside the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, eating grapes and chatting away, we spotted a Russian couple on the other side of the water. They had huge cameras strapped around their necks, and sparkling jewelry coming out of every unclothed residue of skin.

Unperturbed by the sight of a walking stereotype (or two), we went back to our lively discussion on Magritte. However, we noticed the man was

Dating a sociopath

in Venice, Italy


I am a member of the featherless bipeds (with broad flat nails) who have scattered around this planet we have decided to name Earth. I mostly travel these days, discovering our extraordinary world.

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